Thursday, January 9, 2014

2014 And Me

I don't normally do resolutions, in fact, this is the first time I'm really setting any.  Mostly because I'm young, and don't really plan things out that far ahead.  Don't get me wrong; I like to plan things out, and if something unexpected happens during those plans, it throws me off for the rest of my day (not in a crazy way, I just feel off balance, like the world is upside down... I'm not helping my case...)

Anyway, my list is looking something like:

1 - Get in better shape.

I'm not a complete uggo or anything, but I'm not completely happy with my body.  A bit of a gut, small moobs, a little bit of jiggle in my arms and ... you figure it out.

2 - Actually put my degree to use.

I work in the auto service industry (read:  change oil).  Which, don't get me wrong, is an okay job.  The people are great (mostly), and I'm pretty sure unless I screw up in a major, major way, I'm sure to stay there.  But I would like more.  I have a Bachelor's that says I learned how to code programs and web sites, but haven't put it to use because I had been waiting for a company to hire me.  But I'm realizing, I don't need to wait for some company to give me the opportunity, I can do it on my own, build a portfolio, and then let the companies fight over me (I can still dream).  Luckily, this one is already sort-of happening.

3 - Write

In 2012, I participated in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and actually finished the book.  Kind of.  The plot is there, the ending is there or in the works, and I have room to expand the story if I want.  But there are some things I'm not happy with.  My writing style, for one, seems choppy in some places, winded in others, and nonsensical everywhere else.  I also feel it's not descriptive enough.  I can see it in my mind, but I'm the writer, can other people view what I'm viewing?  Do other people even see landscapes and characters in their head like they're watching a movie when they read?  Plus, I would like to add some side-story there.  What fun is it if you see the objective, and run straight for it?  On top of finishing that (and possibly publishing?) I would like to do it again, most likely in a different universe.

4 - Learn another instrument

I played the clarinet from 6th grade up until the beginning of my 11th grade year.  And I was pretty good.  The best one in my class by a fair margin I believe, and some upperclassmen to boot.  I do still play it occasionally (Phantom of the Opera Theme is a favorite, we did a marching band show using that music my 10th grade year), I also have a violin I ordered with the intentions of  learning to play it... and then never did.  So I'm going to get around to that, roommate's hearing be damned.  (Unless someone wants to buy me a cheap electric one... no?)

5 - Be more assertive

I'm kind of a doormat.  I back down from confrontation all the time, telling myself they don't mean it, or they just need space, or they're having a bad day; but I would like to put and end to that.  I don't mean I plan on hulking out on anyone (one, that's uncalled for, and two, I don't have the muscle mass for that).  I mean, I have bad days.  Why should I be questioned or chided for my attitude when I have them when I say nothing to anyone else about theirs?  So, yeah, that.

6 - Read

I love to read.  Mostly fantasy series, but the occasional murder-mystery or retelling of an event.  But since I've started working, its hard to just sit down and read.  I try to do some reading before work, when I'm waiting for a manager to get there to open, but that's not a lot of time, and it can be hard to focus trying to watch for the manager's car, deal with people coming to ask when we open, why I don't open, etc. But I think there will be some exciting developments this year.  Maybe "Winds of Winter" will be released.  The last of the Mortal Instruments series is slated for release, although I'm not sure I'll pick it up... I've just finished Susan Ee's debut novel "Angelfall" and am in suspense to find out of my library can borrow the sequel from the only library in its system that has it.  And I'm assuming it's possible for her to release a third in the series by the end of the year...

So, there's my hopes for the new year (so far!).  Maybe putting them down on record somewhere will inspire me to do some, if not all of these things.

Here's to a brand new year, Random People of the Internet; may all your hopes, wishes, and dreams at the very least become attainable this year.