Monday, August 12, 2013

Chapters From My Life: Stranger Danger

Keeping with the theme of the last two posts (sort of), I decided to type out my experience with a stalker.  When I was 17.  Apparently, I had it going on.  Now, when I say stalker, I don't mean that this person followed me everywhere, but it was still sort of creepy having someone that was obsessed with me.

Like I said, I was 17, in my senior year of high school.  Probably around March when it all started.  School had literally been out for 3 minutes, and I was walking down to my car.  Not to go spend time with friends or go to the local "hangout" that everyone else went to (spoiler:  it's the only restaurant that's open after school, the Chicken Hut).  No, after school, I went to pick up my sister, who was about 4 months old at this point, from her half-sister that kept her during the day, and then to take her home and watch her until mom came home from work.

Anyway, I'm down to my car, I'm ready to leave, when my brother (who is also driving to school now, who also takes his girlfriend home or to our house after school) comes running at me telling me his girlfriend's friend wanted to talk to me about something.  I protested, of course.  "I have to go pick up Sister, you know that."
"I know, it's only a minute, just wait, here they come now." he said, pointing up the hill towards the school.

I follow his finger and see a freshman walking down towards my car.  So I wait, I figure this won't take long.  He, yes, that's right, he, gets down to my car and starts stuttering (he has no speech problems).
(Images Drawn May Appear Fatter Than In Reality) 

"I, um... I, um, I, um, I'm making a, um, movie, and, um, I wanted, um, to ask you, um, if you, um, wanted, um, to be, um, in it."
Okay... he wants me to be in a movie, he's in the drama club or something, so that isn't too weird I guess...
"Okay, I can, I guess... I can't talk about it now, though.  I need to go pick up my sister from the sitter."
"Oh, um, okay, um, I can, um, talk to you, um, about, um, it tomorrow."

And he walked away from my car, to go catch his bus.  I left the parking lot, went and picked up my sister, and everything was fine after that.

The next day, I had first period with one of my friends, and I decided to talk about this with her.  (This little snippet also shows how much of a Richard my friends can be, so, there you go).

"You know Gerald, right?  He wanted to talk to me yesterday..."
"Oh, what about?"
"Well, he said he was making a movie and asked if I would be in it."
"HA!  I bet he would like to make a movie with you!  You walk in, he turns down the lights, lights some candles..."
"What are you talking about?"
"... put on some porn music."
"Oh, hell no!!  This shit ain't happenin', we're dating if he asks, you got it?"

Luckily, she agreed.  Not that it helped any.  At the end of this school day as well, I'm out at my car, unlocking it from the passenger side (because my car's remote doesn't unlock it, and the alarm goes off if I unlock it from the driver side).  When I feel a tap on my shoulder.  I turn around and: 

I kind of wish it had been her... I could have handled that.  Anyway, "Gerald" is standing there.  Wanting to talk to me.
"So, um... the real reason, I, um, wanted to talk to you, um, was, well, because, um, I have a, um, a crush oh you."
(Hair Drawn:  Bad, yet accurate)

Yeah, I had never been approached by anyone saying they had a crush on me before.  I had never really been expecting it either.  But, I did what I thought was best in this situation.  I threw my books in the back seat and said:
"Um... I'm not gay.  Sorry."

I then walked to the driver's side of my car, because I thought the conversation was over.  Apparently it wasn't.  He followed me to the driver's side.  I opened my door and looked back, and BAM!  There he was.
"Sorry, I just don't swing that way... I'm going to go pick up my sister now."

I then proceeded to get into my car, and after I had buckled myself in, I looked up and saw that he was already mostly across the parking lot.  I felt bad for him, and it took courage to come up to someone you don't even know and admit that, so I give him credit for that.
By the way, the reason he approached me at all, was because my brother's girlfriend, lets call her Jeanine, told him she thought I was into the D.  I had watched "Repo:  The Genetic Opera" over the weekend, actually, I fell asleep watching it, so after the credits rolled, it went to the menu screen, which I believe belts out one song back to back.  She happened to stay over that weekend, and heard it through the wall (thin walls between bedrooms) and just ran to him based on that.

But, it doesn't stop there.  He sees my friend at the local dollar store, and approaches her.  Concerning me/us.  He asks her if we're dating.  He had heard the rumors (concerning us dating), and wanted to know if they were true.  And as far as he knows, we were dating, I guess an earlier rumor concerning the two of us paid off (She was allegedly pregnant with my baby, which she then lost when she was in a jeep that rolled over or something.  People sure have active imaginations).

And... it doesn't stop there!  About a month later, one of the people in his circle of friends is standing next to me in line.  I guess I could say me and this person were on friendly terms, being fellow ex-band geeks.  Anyway, she says:

"You know, Gerald asked me what color your eyes were."
"Why?  That's an odd thing to ask... They're blue, by the way."
"He said he was writing a song about you, and he wanted to know."
"A song?!  That's... sweet, I guess..."
"Yeah, he's pretty obsessed with you..."
"Oh, well... I told him he was chasing a dead end a while ago.  I don't know what else to do."
"Yeah, he'll get bored eventually.  Sorry he's kind of fixated on you."
I never heard the song.  I'm kinda disappointed I never heard about it.  Although now that I think about it, maybe it was more of a distanced-admirer thing instead of stalker. 

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