Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Drama, Drama, Drama...

So, I haven't posted for a while again, but this time for a good reason:  I got a job!  Granted, it has nothing to do with my degree... and the pay is bad... and it is the very definition of a dead-end job... but it's still something!  Not that there are that many readers, and really only one person that comes here intentionally...

Anyway, just because I'm a little bit busier, doesn't mean the drama doesn't stop.  Not that this is news to me, but I had hoped for a small break.  The focus of this post will be relationships (again), but as the drama is going on!

So, my brother had been dating this girl off and on for lets say... 7 years.  This has been going on since she started high school, to give you an idea of what ages we're dealing with here.  And, I'm going to try my best be fair in the telling of this story, although be warned, I strongly dislike this girl.

Moving on... that's a long time to date someone.  And the relationship has recently ended (for good, I hope).  She had been living with my brother for maybe 5 months, both of them attending community college.  But, she doesn't like where they are living, she wants to move closer to the college.  Fine, sure, I can understand wanting to drive less, be closer to a bigger city.  She wanted this, despite neither of them having a job, or any source of income.  So they start arguing (by arguing, I mean her yelling at him over this).  He tells her they would talk about it at the end of the week.  By the end of the week, she has yelled at him a few more times, and he tells her:  "This isn't working out.  You need to find some place else to stay."  And she's gone within 3 days, all her stuff is gone.

Here, I'm conflicted on how to feel.  On the one hand, I feel like he should have given her more notice to find a new place.  I don't know that he kicked her out or gave her a date to move, or if she just decided she needed to leave immediately and did.  But on the other hand, when I would be the only other person staying in the house (my brother having a night class or staying with an ailing family member), she always had some place else to spend the night.  So, she obviously had another place to go.

But I can also see that he needed a break from all the arguments.  It was taking a serious toll on his studies.  In his program, if he fails 4 tests, he's kicked out.  If he misses x number of days, he's out.  If he is late x number of times, he's out.  No refunds, just a "Wham, Bam, Thank you Ma'am."  During the course of their arguments, he failed 3 tests...  And I can hear the arguments:  "Maybe he just isn't cut out for the program he's in." or "Maybe he just should have put aside their arguments when he needed to study, just tell her he needed an hour to himself for this or that."  I had the same thoughts run through my mind.  "If he failed, it's on him, she had nothing to do with it."  But then I thought, it was relentless.  I could come home at any time they both were here, and I could hear her yelling.  I've even been out playing with the dog, everything is fine, after 5 minutes of being outside, she storms out and sits in an area where she thinks no one can see her, and cries.

And, my brother isn't an idiot.  I may think he is at certain things, such as life in general or common sense.  But when it comes to school, he's brilliant.  He would deliberately make mediocre to average grades in school (to emphasize to teachers that he wasn't me), and then completely blow every other student out of the water when it came to finals.

Anyway, she has been moved out for 2 weeks, and then I come home from work and check my Facebook and see "Fuck you, you lying, cheating asshole."  This, along with a house key and ring tied to the back door when I get home send the message that they're broke up.  And I call around to see "what had happened."  Apparently, my brother had went on a date with another girl, and she found out about it.  She goes to our mother and tells her, sings her sob story, then goes to the house, where him and this new girl are, and from what I've heard, she jumps New Girl, and he pulls her off of New Girl.

Break Again

Here I wonder why she is so pissed.  Yes, he went on a date with another girl.  She believed they were still dating/engaged/whatever, I could give a damn.  But, his words to her when she moved out were what I said earlier:  "This isn't working out."  This could be taken either way, the living or dating thing.  So, you know, be pissed on that level.  But also, probably 5 years ago, she got pregnant.  By someone else.  While they were dating.  (Unfortunately, or fortunately given the current situation, the baby did not make it full term, through no human intervention, just a failed pregnancy).  And he was probably pretty pissed at her then, especially since he drove her to meet this Other Guy and dropped her off because he believed they were simply friends wanting to see a movie or something, but this didn't even cause a hiccup in their relationship, they kept dating through it.

So on that level, I wonder:  "Did him and New Girl get physical?  And if so, it is nothing you haven't done in the past to him.  So do people in glass houses really want to start launching boulders at others?"  Not that I'm saying anyone deserves to be cheated on.  If you are in a monogamous relationship, be in a monogamous relationship with that person.  But if you have cheated before, and your partner takes you back, do you really have any ground to stand on if the roles are ever reversed?  If it was done out of spite, sure, you probably do, because it was done to intentionally hurt you.  But after arguing for 1-2 weeks straight, being told "It's not working out," and then them going on a date?

Like I said, I have never really like this girl, I can get along with her and be courteous when I see her, but my true thoughts on her would not win me a peace prize any time soon.

After that little confrontation, I'm not sure what has happened since then.  There have been a couple of other posts put on Facebook by her, but I haven't really heard anything else concerning them.  And with that, I think I've said everything I want to on that for now.  Until next week, where I will most likely talk about customers being customers at my job, barring any other topics that may trump that...

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  1. Good grief, definitely don't use them as a role model for anything other than what NOT to do in a relationship!